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in their pockets to invest in the economy, for trade adjustment assistance because workers lose their jobs because of unfair competition, i led the fight to get them back on their feet. earlier in philadelphia i mentioned the dredging project. the deepening of the channels. i was a key player in getting the most recent funding for that. so, getting results is key for our economy and i have the honor to have served with the people of pennsylvania and earned their trust. i ask again for this opportunity to earn their trust and that i have heard your vote. >> that includes the debate. we would like to thank the candidates for taking part in this important program. thank you for watching. now we have these final words from are co-sponsors. thank you so much for being here. >> hello, my name is a live be a thorn. the league of women voters citizen education fund thinks the candidates for participating in this debate. we are grateful for their continued partnership and commitment to informing citizens. voters do not need a valid photo i.d., only those that are newly registered voters must show proof rea
're in a global economy the new world order, which was brought in by the first george bush signed into law by clinton. so this is bipartisan, that is our economy and we wrote the rules as far as a global economy and others follow it. so when we talk about shipping overseas, that's the game. we wrote the rules. i will close on this, on the great city of detroit when we always talk about the bailout or which way it should go or bain capital. people have to realize, they have to understand this, most of general motors' jobs are now presently overseas and the head of general motors who took all of the money is now crying that $7.5 million in pay is not enough. the united states auto workers are still at entry level being hired in at over $19 an hour, that's just their pay but their total compensation with health care, with their bonuses comes out to $55 an hour. >> brian in oscota, michigan. gideon moore, talk to us about the economic situation particularly in mechanic levenburg -- mecklenburg county and charlotte, which is a big banking center. >> it is primarily a finance center. we have bee
to be a voice for the hard-working, middle-class people in the state. help rebuild our economy. i am not going to go there to be a voice for wall street or the big insurance companies or the big pharmaceutical companies or the tea party, for that matter. we need a fair set of rules. i feel like our tax system is rigged by those in power and lobbyists. the plans for the future of medicare are dangerous. if we hand them over to the present health insurance companies. what you will see is somebody fighting for fairness and the voice of hard-working wisconsin families to be heard. >> governor, you have been defined as someone who is -- who hoas stopped being one of us. and you have sold out a special corporate influences. criticism has focused on will have done since being governor. do you have second thoughts about jobs you have held, you have represented? >> no. no. nobody else to say that except my opponent. she spent millions because she is no record to run on. she's been in congress of the 14 years. she did nothing while she was there issue passed three bills. i was governor of the state. cut
times" and "washington post" that the iranian economy is indeed in great trouble, the goal post tended to shift a little bit. now it was no longer about getting them back to the table, but now more and more open question marks were raised about can the regime change? can we just have it all for a couple more months and see what else we can get? as that happened, the interest of the suffering party then decreases to engage in negotiations as well, because the negotiations then become a negotiation for the terms of its capitulation. and instead, they intensify their search for the next game changer, something that will once again be able to turn the table and find an exit way from the very precarious situation they're in right now. look what happened after the talks collapsed in 2010 and 2009. the iranians started enrichment at the 20% level. there were question marks, significant question marks on the western end, whether the iranians would actually succeed in doing this. they managed to do it. they imposed sanctions on the reignians, hoping that would change the nature of the relations
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4